MECHANIZED WINDOW TREATMENTS and shading systems are also available to complement the acoustical panels in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, sizes and mechanical application.

The acoustical treatment of the room enhances the sound experience.  Our customized wall panels and coverings are available in geometric forms, linear patterns or artistic wall panels, wall murals are also available.  The panels are constructed to meet the design specification and criteria in any color, thickness, size and fastening system.  Custom colors are also available.

Architect and Builder Inquiries are welcomed.

Our acoustical panel room kit is attractive and very affordable.  With so much time and expense put into home theatre equipment, why stop short.  We have designed a complete system specifically for home theatre acoustical needs.  Our kit includes:

4 24″ X 84 ” Pressure Zone Bass Traps (corners)
2 24″ x 48″ Midwall Panel (front wall)
1 72″ x 24″ Midwall Panel (front wall)
4 48″ x 78 ” South Beach Designer Panel (side walls)
1 72″ x 48″ Midwall Panel (back wall)

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