The “Weekender Theatre Room Project” includes: Acoustical Wall Panels, Riser Platform, (optional) Seats, Screen, Lighting Walls & Floor, Carpeting (optional) and Lighting Control. Call or email us for additional information and pricing.

For the do it yourselfer we offer our
“WEEKENDER THEATRE ROOM PROJECTS”A selection of four basic design plans to select from.

We custom size the acoustical walls, ceiling, screen, to your rooms dimensions and ship all of the materials you will need to complete and transform your room.

The “Weekender Theatre Room Project ” includes:

  • Acoustical Wall Panels
  • Riser Platform (optional)
  • Seats
  • Screen
  • Lighting Walls & Floor
  • Carpeting (optional)
  • Lighting Control

Please feel free to call us at 412.343.3900 or email us to review and discuss how we may be of service and assistance to you.